Thursday, 8 February 2018

Traditional Medicine 2018

About Conference

PULSUS takes immense pleasure in inviting all the participants from across the globe to attend “9th International Conference on Alternative & Traditional Medicine” during August 13 -14, 2018 at London, UK. This comprises of proficient keynote presentations, verbal speeches, productive poster presentations and exhibitions providing insights to the importance and efficiency of Traditional medicine.

Pulsus Group is an internationally renowned medical peer-review publisher and conferences organizer established in the year 1984 publishes and hosts the work of researchers in a manner that exemplifies the highest standards in research integrity. With a legacy of 30 years of excellence in Medical Publishing, Now, we are running several International Conferences in the fields of Medical, Clinical, Life Science and, Pharma.

Traditional medicine is formalized from of folk medicine which has been evolved over years. Alternative medicine refers is transformed from the traditional medicine and been a substitute for modern medicine. Folk medicine stands as the backbone of traditional medicine which is believed to provide longstanding remedies has been passed on informally within the culture. Nowadays, most of the people believe that traditional medicine is safer as it constitutes natural products instead of the synthetic products used in modern medicine.The market value of the traditional medicines are increasing and the worldwide annual market approaches US$ 60 billion. Several countries like China, India, Nigeria, USA and World Health Organization have made substantial research investments in development of traditional medicine. Even several leading pharmaceutical companies are looking forward for promising medicinal herbs and novel chemical compounds.

Futher research and development is needed on dosageproduction techniquesmode of action of the traditional medicine. Also the clinical trials of the medicine is important to understand the safety and efficacy before being recommended to the world market.

Attendees can:
  • Take advantage of opportunities to learn insights about Traditional and Alternative medicine from a variety of oral and poster presentations.  
  • Meet and network with Acupuncturists ranging from students to deans, faculty, and researchers.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with Acupuncturists from around the world.
  • Attend prominent plenary sessions about relevant issues affecting alternative medicine and the ancient techniques adapted in Traditional Medicine.

Who should attend?
  • Herbalists
  • Alternative Medicine Practitioners
  • Complementary Medicine Practitioners
  • Researchers In The Field Of Herbal And Traditional Medicine
  • Acupuncturists
  • Phytomedicines
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Ayurveda
  • Naturopathy
  • People Who Believe In Natural Remedies To Explore Their Research 
  • Practitioners Of Natural Medicine

Conference Highlights

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